• Canoe Ride Down the Rapti River

  • The Tharu people who inhabit the Terai traveled the many rivers by dug-out canoes made from a single log. You can still travel this ancient way as you explore the Rapti River of Chitwan National Park.

    Your guide takes you down the river. You get to sit back and look for jungle animals and birds. There are two  types of crocodiles to look for, including the rare fish-eating gharial that has a long, teeth studded snout. He looks vicious; but unless you are a fish, he is totally harmless.

    Rhinos, deer, wild elephants and even the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger come down to the river to drink. You float silently by as you look at the wildlife.

    A canoe ride down the Rapti River is a wonderful way to spend a lazy afternoon. You can choose to do a jungle walk in conjunction with your canoe trip, or simply enjoy the scenery.

    Canoe trips are a fun, historical as well as enjoyable way to experience the wonders of the jungle of Chitwan National Park.