• Jeep Safari

  • Chitwan National Park covers more than 932 square kilometers, it is impossible to cover all of it on foot in one day. So what is the best way to experience all the park has to offer? Consider a jeep safari!

    A jeep safari is an open-air vehicle where you sit up high so you can see across the jungle. The open roof allows you the opportunity to stand up and take those great pictures of the wildlife, ranging anywhere from rhinos and peacocks to Royal Bengal Tigers and leopards. The jungle is alive with an abundance of wildlife, yours to photograph and enjoy.

    The jeep makes its way down jungle roads. There are very few vehicles allowed in Chitwan National Park, so you won’t see many other vehicles on a jungle safari. A trip can be either a half or full day. If you choose a full day trip, we will pack a lunch for you so that you may enjoy a picnic lunch while watching for wild animals.

    A jeep safari is a good way to see the animals as it can take you deeper into the jungle to watering holes and other places where the animals reside. A jeep can take you to where you can silently watch for jungle animals. Your guide can lead you to some of the best spots for observing wildlife.

    A jeep safari also allows you to see the most the National Park has to offer in the least amount of time. A jeep can cover much ground, and your guide can show you many more things to make your time in Chitwan National Park even more rewarding.

    Be sure to book your jeep safari with Meghauli Wildlife Resort. It is the ultimate jungle experience as you penetrate deep into the jungles of Chitwan.