• Romantic Get-Away

  • There is something about the jungle that brings about the feelings of romance. It may be the sounds of the birds at night, or the sight of wild monkeys playing in the trees. There is this incredible feeling of nature that draws out the romance in all of us as you pass walk through fragrant gardens, walk by wild orchids or watch the water birds on the Rapti River.

    Many couples come to Meghauli in order to find and renew romance. Some come for honeymoons; others find it a place to re-invigorate their marriage. Still others discover their romantic side as nature takes its course.

    Meghauli Wildlife Resort is for lovers. We have put aside two suites that are ideal for romantic get-aways. Decorated with large beds, tables and comfortable chairs, you will find that you and your loved one can spend time getting re-acquainted in the romantic environment of the jungle.

    Our rooms are tastefully decorated. Have a romantic dinner  by candlelight in your suite. Enjoy a complimentary bottle of wine with glasses for two.

    Lay together  in a hammock in the gardens of the resort. Find a quiet place to be together on 81,000 square meters of the resort land. Hold hands as you walk along the jungle paths and overlook the wildlife approaching the Rapti River.

    There are wonderful meals to enjoy together. Our chefs can prepare not only local, but Indian as well as continental food. Sip a glass of wine together or just sit outside in the moonlight as you listen to the sounds of the birds in the jungle.

    Meghauli Wildlife Resort is a natural place for lovers. Bring your loved one here for a two, three or four night package which can include many of the jungle activities. You choose your activities which can be from a full schedule to just plenty of leisure time to get to know each other more deeply.

    Chitwan National Park is a natural place for lovers. As you tour the jungle and see all of the baby animals, you can’t help but feel the draw of romance in this truly romantic resort of Meghauli Wildlife Resort!